Why do you only help one business in my industry in my service area?

Like an advertising agency, we believe this would be a conflict of interest. Specifically for SEO, it would be impossible to obtain the number one page ranking for two different businesses. A really good SEO firm should have enough potential customers that they can choose just one from each industry or niche and not have to worry about conflict of interest issues. Do Pepsi and Coke use the same ad agency at the same time?

Why should my business have a website?

Customers looking for a service or a business are no longer going to the phone book to find it – they are going online. Without a website, your customers will find your competitors first..  See more at…

What if I don’t know anything about having a website.

We specialize in helping independent businesses with a holistic understanding of our services, but then let you work in your business while we design your web presence with higher search engine results in mind.

Why can’t I just create my own website?

Local business sites can get complicated. There are a lot of things which are to be considered in order to develop and design the best website that may successfully portray all of the aspects of a business. However, it takes a lot of time and energy to build a site that may incorporate all the products and services in a systematic way and that is the point that has to be understood. Web Ranking Solutions has the business acumen to understand your situation. We bring out the right feel that is required to get more customers. We then let you work in your business while we work on your business’s web presence.

Why should I hire someone to build my website and make it easily found by the search engines.

There are many advantages of using search engine marketing for your web presence. Search engine marketing strategy is cheap compared to any other form of marketing strategy. You have the option of spending less and earning more through this type of marketing. Another major benefit of this marketing strategy is that the advertisement for your site will be running for 24/7 throughout a week, month or year. Search engine marketing is very essential as search engines decide on the public pattern of online research. 90% people make use of online search engine to find information even if they later buy offline. Major search engines like Google give page ranks to sites to measure their importance for online users. Different elements of designing and other things are taken to consider in determining the relevancy of a website. These findings have made search engine marketing all the more important for a website.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is (SEO) is the art and science of creating a website which is search engine-friendly. There are two main types of optimization: Onsite and Offsite

Onsite Optimization involves:

  • Onsite: Using the right words in your content based on keyword analysis
  • Using the right terms and syntax in your HTML code
  • Structuring your site properly
  • Designing your site properly

Offsite Techniques include:

  • Search Engine Submission and Link Building
  • Directory or business directory submissions
  • Social networking setup/integration. (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Local, YouTube)
  • Press Release Submission
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Article marketing
  • Blog marketing

Web Ranking Solutions will provide the appropriate combination of techniques.

What is Social Media Marketing?

The term social media has been carelessly tossed around and used too often in online marketing. But what is it really about? In essence, social media incorporates the use of online technologies and methods that allow people to share personal opinions, content as well as swap insights and perspectives with the rest of the world. Social media has paved the way to a more powerful communication channel for companies to publish their marketing messages – all without the exorbitant cost. While we all know social networks is generally used by businesses to engage their target market and study consumer preferences and behaviors, the truth is, it has other equally powerful features that you can incorporate into your marketing strategy, with highly rewarding payoff at that.

What does a search engine marketing consulting firm do for me & my local business?

When retaining Web Ranking Solutions to handle your search engine optimization efforts, we help you take a holistic view about what you really need. Of course you are looking for more profit, through more customers, through more visibility using top rankings. But, you may want insight into how your business is using your website? Are you, in fact, looking to take some advice critical? Setting expectations from the outset makes things run much smoother and keeps misunderstanding on the scope of service.

What if I don’t have any pictures for the site?

Web Ranking Solutions has a vast collection of stock images. We can choose images for your site, your moving header presentation and even the gallery! If you prefer to choose the images, you can send us your links to the images that you like. Regardless, plan to use

What if I don’t have a lot of time to devote to creating a website?

We let you work in your business while we design, implement, and maintain your web presence. Creating a website with Web Ranking Solutions does not require a lot of time.

Am I required to sign a contract?

No. We document the services we are providing and you may cancel or change your level of service at any time.

What if I still have questions?

Contact us at 319-244-8737.  We are here to help.

How will clients, customer, or prospects find my website?

Every Web Ranking Solutions site receives comprehensive Search Engine Optimization . We will discuss type of clients and the area that you want to attract and optimize your site accordingly.

How do I know that my web presence visitors are the will be attracting the right customers?

Web Ranking Solutions knows your business and how to optimize for it. The right customers are those searching for the terms that match the service you provide. These are the customers that will be finding your website.

What if I don’t want the site to attract new customers?

That’s fine, many Web Ranking Solutions clients are interested only in website design, implementation, and maintenance. These clients are interested in using their web presence for existing customers. They want the credibility that a web presence brings as well efficiency that the internet can provide. E. g., an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page should reduce the number of calls received. Other back office activity such as billing page would reduce operational costs.

Where is Web Ranking Solutions Located?

Web Ranking Solutions is based in the East-Central Iowa Corridor (between Des Moines and Iowa City). We service clients from many different industries. But, we only help one business in your industry in your area.